Why Probe, we are different.

NEXT Generation BPO

It sounds like a slogan. But it’s a game changing mindset. An ethos. It’s a set of practical principles.

These principles are helping us change the shape of the BPO outsourcing industry.


We have a unique process that allows PROBE and each client to build relationships that have the power of synergy.

NEXT – Brings our
promise to life

We will be NIMBLE in thinking, doing and reporting. We will ENGAGE – this is synergy at work. We will deliver X-TRA – for our clients x-tra is what converts a one-sided commercial arrangement into a two-sided business partnership. And we will be TRANSPARENT – we will have nowhere to hide.

Continuous Improvement
– retaining the status
quo is not an option

We’ve never had a client that didn’t claim they wanted continuous improvement.

Most businesses want to get better. Most customers want to have relationships with businesses where every experience is better than the last.

Most businesses have to continually improve if they are to survive – and thrive.

For PROBE continuous improvement is a way of life rather than a catchphrase.

Probe ideas
Ideas are the lifeblood of our business

Ideas are the building blocks of improvement; no ideas – no improvement.

PROBE encourages employees to question the way things are done; our culture actively encourages challenging the status quo and offering ideas to improve every facet of our business and every client aspiration.

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