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Solutions for
credit management.

Solutions to facilitate
business transactions.

Solutions for digial marketing, business administration, software and web development.

  Solutions for accounting and finance, human resources, technology and service desks.

Solutions to put
feet on the street.

Customised solutions

PROBE is focused on providing customised solutions for today’s communications challenges.

But we are also ahead of the game with assessing the needs of our clients in tomorrow’s different, and probably even more challenging, environment.

What we offer our clients today is only half the story – we also continually search for insights about how the resources we have today, together with emerging technologies, can be deployed to resolve future challenges.

Our Sustainable business model

Our Sustainable Business Model

PROBE is dedicated to operating within a sustainable commercial model for our own benefit, and for the benefits of our clients, and their customers.

The drivers of all contact centre and BPO outcomes are: quality, productivity, and cost.

This is particularly true of solutions that require human conversations.

Once any one of these drivers is set – the remaining two drivers set limits to what can be delivered if we wish to be a viable business.

For every solution these three drivers must be in balance. Highest quality cannot be had for lowest cost. Highest productivity will rarely lead to highest quality. And lowest cost will rarely deliver highest quality or productivity.

We call achieving this balance the sustainability game – and the only way our clients can lose is to not play the game.

There is no PROBE Manila, or Sydney, or Melbourne, or Auckland. PROBE is PROBE. Wherever.

Our culture is as identical as we can make it in every centre; that is not to say however cultural environment does not have a uniqueness that comes from the location whether Australia, New Zealand, or the Philippines.

So the PROBE conversation your customer would experience with a Manila agent is the same as the experience they would enjoy from our agents located elsewhere.

PROBE. One Company. One Relationship with Each Client. Multiple Solutions.

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