Legal Services

Access specialist legal skill and contain costs with Probe Group Legal Services. Our services include legal action to facilitate debt recovery for business, as well as full service Legal Business Process Outsourcing to provide specialist support to Law Firms.


Debt Recovery Litigation:

Specialists in Debt Recovery Litigation, Geoffrey Mendelson Lawyers facilitate and action debt recovery services across all States and Territories in Australia and offer a proven system to institute proceedings and enforce orders in all Australian jurisdictions.

Services include:

  • Instigating legal proceedings
  • Enforcement proceedings such as:
  1.   Statutory Demands (Winding up)
  2.   Bankruptcy
  3.   Summons for Verbal Interview
  4.   Attachment of earnings (Garnish wages)
  5.   Seizure and Sale (Writ of Execution)

Legal Process Outsourcing:

A specialty service for Legal Firms, our Legal Process Outsourcing suite provides access to significant domain expertise whilst containing costs.

Probe Group is the perfect Legal Processing Outsourcing (LPO) Partner because we enable your people to focus on core activities while we manage specific support services at least cost. We have acquired the rich legal practice knowledge you require from our years’ operating our wholly owned legal service provider, Geoffrey Mendelson Lawyers.

Probe Group’s LPO service offering includes:

  • Transcription Processing
  • Precedent Management and Word Processing
  • Customised Legal and Compliance Debt Recovery Consulting Services

Talk to Probe Group for best practise legal service support and advice on debt recovery and compliance.

  • Focus on core activities with cost effective specialist support.

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