Back Office

Prompt, timely and with attention to detail, our Back Office suite plays a key role in maintaining positive relationships with your clients, suppliers and customers. Our seamless processes, one touch handling, contact resolution and highly skilled workers give your business every chance to relieve frustrations and costs.

We perform a comprehensive range of processing tasks in Australia and the Philippines with our custom built Workflow Management System (WMS) controlling the timing and queuing of work items and integrating customer interactions, account management, collections back office administration, debt litigation, trust management, accounting, and field services.

Add insights captured from our Probe Process Audit methodology, innovative technology and advanced analytics, and your business has a customised solution that gets the job done.

Our Back Office services include:

  • Data and Order Entry
  • Billing Management
  • Data Processing
  • Product and Service Cases
  • Claims Management
  • Quality Management and Listening Posts
  • Optimise the performance of your business with Probe Group’s Back Office services.

Talk to us to design a customised solution for your business.

  • Our trusted staff and proven processes relieve frustrations and reduce costs.

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