Probe Group is expert in the delivery of diversified Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions. We appreciate your position and aspirations. We exist to get you there.

Business Process Outsourcing gives you instant access to the skills of our highly experienced and professional people. That means less downtime, more efficient work and reduced operational cost.

Our innovative customer management approach delivers on our promises around sales growth, authentic brand communications, at risk revenue recovery and cost efficiencies. We manage interactions across the customer relationship lifecycle, from lead generation, to sales, customer service, retention and collections.

You’ll find that we’re different; we work in service to our clients and their customers. We value relationships highly and consistently represent your brand with professionalism and grace.

We empower people to use the contact channel of their choice with clever process design and world-class technologies that put your customers, business and brand in good hands.

And because we put people first, you’ll feel that Probe Group is a part of your business, working with you to deliver business confidence and excellent results.

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