PROBE Next Generation CX, our single promise in the market place

Our Promise

We do it better.

How can we make such a promise?

It’s our core determination. It’s the mission we defined for the NEXT Generation Customer Experience. To achieve this we set out to be different.

How are we different?

  • We think differently.
  • We look different.
  • We sound different.
  • We behave differently.

We’re not different for the sake of being different. We’re different because we know that savvy businesses want fresh thinking, not the traditional solutions of yesterday.


NEXT Generation Customer Experience. It sounds like a slogan. But it’s a game changing mindset. An ethos. It’s a set of practical principles.

  • Synergy- the power of the combined effect.
  • NEXT – Brings our promise to life.
  • Continuous Improvement – retaining the status quo is not an option.
  • Ideas are the lifeblood of our business- the spark that stimulates the search for clear is passion.
PROBE Book of ideas

Our Passion Culture

The core concept of our culture is to help people feel good about being at work.

Our unique Passion Culture encourages each employee to believe in the value of being passionate about their job because passionate people are more likely to be engaged with, and involved in, their job; these are people that search for ideas that make continuous improvement possible.

Meet the Leadership team

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