Probe Group designs tailored client solutions that incorporate the best available resource at the right cost. Resource solutions include one or more of the following locations and associated infrastructure.


Australia Outsourced

Probe Group is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Our flagship contact centres are located on the city fringe and are staffed by people who genuinely share our values of respect and professionalism.

We have an international reach and provide BPO solutions in both hemispheres. Our teams have a very strong reputation for quality operational performance and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Led by a skilled, experienced and trusted executive, Probe Group leads the continuous improvement of our people and processes by example; we understand the intrinsic value of professional development and business efficiency.

Probe Group takes seriously its promise to deliver outstanding BPO solutions from Australia to the Philippines and beyond.


Australia – On-site Managed Service:

Probe Group’s expertise can be leveraged in client environments. We deploy solutions that operate out of clients’ premises, ensuring access to Probe Group’s unique IP whilst leveraging client infrastructure and/or management.

Our flexible approach enables solutions to be designed that couple client and Probe Group capacity in clever ways to deliver optimal flexibility, scalability and capability.


Offshore – Philippines:

Our state of the art Philippines contact centre is staffed by proven Probe Group people backed by our experts in Australian operations to ensure a business and cultural alignment that exceeds customer expectations.

Offering comprehensive and cost effective BPO, our offshore teams are supported to deliver excellence by ongoing investment in training and technological infrastructure. Consistent performance reporting and client satisfaction surveys allow Probe Group to shape best practise off-shoring and value chain benefit.


Home-based and Remote Agent:

Probe Group’s home-based and remote agent solutions comprise highly skilled people who work from controlled, secure home offices or remote hub locations. Remote agents offer unmatched quality, flexibility and scalability through accessing geographically dispersed people who can build their own roster to suit their lifestyle.


In Person – Field services:

Probe Group’s Australia-wide network of over 300 field operatives is centrally managed by an experienced support team responsible for workflow distribution, quality and compliance. Probe Group provides the following field resources to clients:

  • Consumer and SME Face to Face Service and Sales
  • Retail Kiosk Sales
  • Promotional staff
  • Field Calls
  • Customer Service Visits
  • Process Serving
  • Vacant Possessions/Evictions
  • Asset Repossessions
  • Court Filings and Examinations.
  • Onshore, offshore, our site or yours, or in person, it’s your choice, and always an opportunity to optimise service delivery while containing costs.

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