Probe Group is an Australian private firm with global reach, world class business systems, operational controls and beautifully simple solutions.

Probe Group demonstrates complete regulatory compliance and our ethical standards are uncompromised. Fully independent, we help our clients ensure quality governance.

We welcome new clients and treat their customers as our own, consulting, designing, training and delivering outstanding results.

Our operational success depends upon open, accountable, friendly and loyal people who, at all levels, are empowered to lead.

Probe Group’s work ethic is unique. We relieve pressure points, create opportunity and build enduring customer and client relations based on clear outcomes.

Our Purpose

Probe Group exists to better manage our clients and their customers. We design innovative customer management solutions that create authentic experiences across the customer lifecycle – from sales to service resolution, retention, collection and recovery.

We deliver ongoing operational and capital expenditure efficiency through planned and scalable Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions.

We enable strategic focus, managing our clients’ operational, human capital, logistical and technical needs to enhance core business performance.

Probe Group offers a robust range of BPO solutions, services and consultative guidance that enables businesses to execute their strategic plans, brand positioning projects and campaign designs.

We are passionate about people, and our reason for being is to support the profitability and sustainability of Australian business.

Probe Group leads in quality of delivery and in building enduring, trusting relationships.

  • Probe Group creates authentic experiences for our clients and their customers.

Our Approach

Probe Group believes in people and communities and this belief informs our approach.

We are trusted to manage our client’s customers because we act with sensitivity, respect and grace and because we deliver quality results.

We make it easy to do business, and we look forward to doing business with you.

We are curious and

We challenge and suggest
fresh thinking

We bring people together and collaborate

We act swiftly and

We are approachable and accessible

We build enduring

We are honest
and reliable

We never give up – we believe there is always a better way

Our People

People matter most. Our success is defined by the way we select and relate to our people.

That’s why we:

  • find and choose people to act in service of our clients and customers
  • invest in preparing people properly for their role
  • provide ongoing training and personal development
  • build confidence and skill
  • reward effort and celebrate success
  • promote from within and define career pathways
  • support our community
  • have fun!

Our Heritage

Since 1979, Probe Group has built its profile and reputation for practical and cost effective Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions.

Led by a highly skilled executive with broad industry experience, Probe Group’s Australian and Philippines based operations are second to none in flexibility, quality of service and customer satisfaction.

We have always invested in the development of our people and see recruitment, training and ongoing people-centred decision making as central to our success.

Well regarded for our strategic and early-uptake of sophisticated business technologies, Probe Group has developed a streamlined, accountable and highly integrated service oriented team.

Our proven success speaks to our history of putting people first, working to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes and contributing to profitable and sustainable business.

  • Our proven success speaks to our history of putting people first, working to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes and contributing to profitable and sustainable business.

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